The Tuttles

This quiet little family has many secrets to hide, all due to the youngest adopted member who wonders why the family games have stopped. This was a story originated by my mother, with a bit of my own influence added. A little boy named Timmy gets adopted by the Tuttle family. Soon strange accidents occur. The father, Thomas Tuttle, a miner, unfortunately is illiterate, but also becomes mute and deaf. The mother, Tina Tuttle, synchronized swimmer, loses a leg in a boating accident. First son, Ted Tuttle, a schoolteacher, goes blind. Todd Tuttle for some unknown reason commits suicide. Tanya Tuttle forms a hairlip and speech impediment. Timmy Tuttle, the youngest, oblivious to the occurances around him, cares only for his pet Turtle, Tobias. Timmy can be slow at times. He accidentally glued Tobias' shell to his hand and Tobias' head in his shell. The family slowly loses its collective sanity and starts to play "family games" with the neighbors.